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CJ Hicks follows the Rockdale County Public Schools' Grading Policy

Directions for creating a Canvas Observer Account and completing the Yearly Annual Update

Directions for setting up your required parent portal

   The Infinite Campus Parent Portal provides parents with access to assignments and grades. Parent Portal accounts require annual updates  to provide the school with current parent and student information. Student computer accounts become active after a parent portal account is created and annual updates are completed. 

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I create my Infinite Campus Parent Portal Account?

1. Retrieve your child's RCPS student id from your child's teacher.
2. Click here for directions to create your Parent Portal Account.

Why do I have to complete the Annual Updates each year?
1. Provides school with current contact information and important updates about your child.
2. Parent and student acceptance of Computer Acceptable Use Policy for online access and devices
3. Provides student access to devices and applications once the Parent Portal account is created and annual updates are complete.
How do I complete the Infinite Campus Parent Portal Annual Update?

How do I look at my child's grades online? 
Understanding Grades

When are report cards available online and when is testing? 
Testing and Report Card Schedule