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The purpose of the CJH Music Club is to give students a deeper understanding of the fine arts. Students in 1st – 5th grades will serve our school, city, and beyond through our unique signature way of musical expression. Students are served through one of the following groups: Fantastic Falcons Music Club, Junior Music Club or Wee Music Club. 
Club Sponsor: Mr. Russell 
(Dynamic Upright Dedicated Esteemed Students)
The Dynamic Upright Dedicated Esteemed Students (DUDES) is a mentoring club designed for boys in grades 3-5. Its mission is to foster character building and promote positive behaviors. Through engaging activities and mentorship, DUDES aims to empower these young boys to become responsible, upright, and dedicated individuals. The club provides a supportive environment where students can learn, grow, and develop essential life skills.
Club Sponsor: Mr. Kidd
 Chess Club
Chess Club
The Chess Club provides an opportunity for 1st-5th Grade students to learn how to play chess through developing sportsmanship strategies. 
Club Sponsor: Ms. Davie

Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl
The Reading Club seeks to promote a book-loving culture by providing a forum for 3rd to 5th grade students to discuss and actively respond to books in meaningful ways. The Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl Competitive Team is a component of this club.
Club sponsor: Mrs. Burdett 
 Math Club
Math Club
The Math Club provides a platform for students in 3rd – 5th grades to explore math outside the traditional classroom setting.
Club sponsor: Ms. Tammie Baxter
 National Junior
Beta Club
Beta Club
National Junior Beta Club is an honor organization that recognizes outstanding academic achievement, promotes strong character and social responsibility, encourages service to others, fosters leadership skills, and provides settings for students to develop strong interpersonal skills.
Club sponsor: Mrs. Smith 
 Rose Petals
Young Ladies of Distinction
Rose Petals is an all-girl's mentoring program designed especially for 4th and 5th grade girls. The program helps to celebrate individuality while providing a safe space for the young ladies to connect and share their voices and common experiences. 
Club sponsor: Ms. Stancil
 WCJH News Club
WCJH News Team

The WCJH News Club produces and broadcasts the WCJH Daily News Show. The news team informs C.J. Hicks students and staff of activities and events occurring throughout the school day and week. This club provides opportunities to enhance public speaking skills as well as participate in various roles such as anchor, teleprompter, and producer. Membership is open to 4th grade students whose applications are accepted based on attendance, responsibility, teacher recommendation and an audition.
Club sponsors: Mrs. Burdett and Mrs. Price
CJH Science Olympiad
 CJH Science Olympiad
Science Olympiad is a rigorous academic competition developing 3rd – 5th students through hands-on, standards-aligned STEM content through teamwork, problem solving, and collaboration. 
Club sponsor: Ms.Benton
 PBIS Ambassadors
The PBIS Ambassadors are a team of 3rd & 4th grade students who represent the school's climate, culture, and morale. This team meets with the PBIS Coach & Team Leader monthly to report student observations and gives input for future PBIS initiatives. The ambassadors serve as behavior leaders of excellence and always promote RISE expectations. 
Club sponsor: Ms. Lattimore 

Intramural Sports
Intramural Sports Club allows students to experience a variety of physical activities and games that will contribute to an active and healthy lifestyle without the competitiveness that comes with traditional team sports. It also creates a sense of belonging to the school environment, and connection with teachers and peers outside the classroom. Activities may include organized friendly competitions in various sports like kickball, softball and basketball.
Club Sponsors: Dr. Byrd and Ms. Lattimore

Step Team
The Step Team is a club for 3rd-5th Grade Students to promote school spirit through rhythmic, syncopated movements. This program seeks to develop character through teamwork and cooperation.
Club Sponsors: Ms. Lattimore and Mrs. Blackford
 Safety Patrol

Safety Patrol
The Safety Patrol Club consists of 4th and 5th grade students. The students assist with helping to keep the school safe and clean. They serve as student ambassadors and participate in community service projects throughout the year. 
Club Sponsor: Mrs. Webb
 Wings of

Wings of  Confidence
 Wings of Confidence is a mentoring club designed for 2nd grade girls. The mission of Wings of Confidence is to foster self-esteem and self-confidence.
Club Sponsors: Ms. Stancil and Ms. Farley